The Studen Kladenetz Dam (eng. Cold well) is the second largest dam in Bulgaria. Its reservoir extends 29 km along the mainsteam ofthe Arda River. The total area of the dam is 25 600 ha.

Every single fisherman from the neighbourhood has come to try his luck here, because the diversity of fish species is very high. Firstrank the cat-fish and the carp, and they are most widely distributed there.Moreover the Studen Kladenetz dam maintains a large reserve stock of white fish, perch, as well as dozens of other more peaceful fish species which are very typical for the region of theEastern Rhodopes. There are very suitable places for fishing in the bay of the villages of Shiroka Polyana and Zvezdelenina, as well as the northern slopes – in the vicinity of the villages of Gnyazdovo and Kaloyantsi. The dam can also be approached from the villages ofKonevo and Byal izvor. Fishing at and around the wall and at the first arm of the ldam is also quite satisfactory…

The Studen Kladenetz dam is one of the most picturesque artificial lakes and ponds in Bulgaria. Part of the nature on its steep coastslopes is still virgin. There are numerous beautiful places around – but hardly many people have seen the natural canyon below the dam wall. This is a unique natural creation bearing the name “Sheytana”, which is unique for the Balkan penincula. The legend still tellsscary stories about events that occurred in ancient times at that damn place. Now the furious river waters have been tamed by thestronghold of the builder, and the myths are frozen into rock formations to continue to evoke astonishment and admiration from the next generations.